Monday, April 11, 2011

This and That

You've probably wondered where I and my Quilt of the Week have been! I've been laid up with a terrible sinus and respiratory infection for over two weeks, so I'm a little behind the times. There are three levels of sick with me: Sick, Too Sick to Sew, and Too Sick to Read, otherwise known as Really Sick. Most of the time I was at Level II, but I've been sewing a little the last couple of days, working on the Maltaville. I've gotten one block done,

and I'm working on two more.

Since I signed the Process Pledge, I thought it wouldn't hurt to show something in progress once in a while. :) These are going quickly, and as soon as I'm caught up, I'll be starting on the Friends of Baltimore, which I'm thinking might take a little longer.

There's a new magazine out, called Primitive Quilts and Projects, and I can't wait to get the first issue.

This looks like a "must have" if you are into primitive quilts or working with wool. It has patterns by a lot of great designers, including Maggie Bonanomi, Cherie Ralston, Lisa Bongean, Bonnie Blue Quilts, Renee Plains, and many more. You can check out the other designers, and subscribe, at their website here.

Have you noticed that zippers are everywhere these days? They are used in the cleverest ways, to decorate clothing, or make cute little tote bags. Indygo Junction has a couple of new patterns to make flowers and jewelry out of zippers. Here's one of them.

And here is a video of how to make a simple flower and leaves from zippers.

I found a great website called Photofunia, and it's kind of addictive. You just pick an effect, upload a photo, crop it, and hit GO! It puts your picture into the template you chose by magic! I'm glad there are people smarter than me out there that think this stuff up. I used some pictures of the boys, and came up with these.

A still life of Brody

Rufus on a billboard

And Little Teague on the cover of Glamour

I'm pretty sure it works with human photos, too. ;) Have fun, and I'll be back with my Quilt of the Week on Thursday.