Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stars and Grace

I haven't had time to do much sewing this month, so I will have to rely on other people's efforts for my post this week. The American Quilt Study Group has a biennial Quilt Study project in which participants must make a quilt copied from or inspired by an antique quilt. The theme for 2010 was 19th Century Stars. The thirty-nine entries were exhibited at the AQSG Seminar in Minnesota this year. Here is Sharon Pinka's entry, Stars Over Maine.

Twenty-five quilts were chosen for a traveling exhibit. You can see the schedule here. Pictures of all thirty-nine entries are now online at the AQSG site. They will also be included in a book, with patterns for 10 of the quilts. They are all so wonderful, it's hard to pick a favorite.

Jeanneke has a pattern and tutorial for a wonderful doll quilt she calls Little Grace, because it is made with Aunt Grace fabrics from different lines.

I just love this little quilt. After a trip to London and France a few years ago, I bought some of the Aunt Grace Friends Around the World to commemorate the trip, but haven't gotten around to making a quilt yet, so this might be perfect for it.

Well, my busy season is almost over, and I look forward to getting back to sewing soon. And getting caught up with my email. And maybe getting in a little house cleaning if time permits. :)

I bought a Christmas collar for the boys, who had to take turns wearing it for their photos. After chasing the little darlings around the house, I managed to get pics of each of them in their finery. So from me,



and Little Teague,

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!


Karen said...

I came across the doll quilt you show on the blog just the other day. Perfect project for you! I think it would need to be hand pieced.

Hilda said...

Merry Xmas Lisa! The handsome 'boys' appear to share a strong family resemblance - brothers perhaps? Thanks for the link to the 19th Century Star quilts - gorgeous collection and so varied.

Miriam said...

I love Jeanneke's little quilt too!
Your cats are gorgeous!!!! How did you get them to sit still for a photograph??

Merry Christmas to you too, Lisa!!!

Janet said...

The boys are ready for Christmas, they need to be on a card.
The quilts are lovely, that must be tiny piecing on the Aunt Grace one. I have the pattern for the big version of that.

Sue said...

Love the header and Jeanneks quilt it super. Rufus, Brody and Teaque look suitably festive.
Hope you Christmas season brings you the rest you deserve and a very happy Christmas to all of you.
Sue and Mery

Kathie said...

Merry Christmas to you too!
Love the pictures of the kitties in the holiday attire!
how cute!
that little grace quilt is just adorable.
LOve it, not sure I would ever attempt that!
30s fabrics just make me smile

Cheryl said...

The kids look so festive! Merry Christmas to you too.

Lori said...

Thank you for the link to the replica star quilts. Amazing and a fun project!! And it looks like the exhibit will be in Oregon, although it would be quite a drive still in the middle of winter....

Lori said...

Oops, I forgot to add your trio of kitties are adorable!!!

YankeeQuilter said...

I saw some of the star quilts in Houston...really worth a trip to go see them. Speaking of trips...I used my Aunt Grace Around the world fabrics to make a trip around the world quilt. I added some darker plaids to keep it from being too cutesy.

Love the collar on your kitties...can't imagine how you got them to sit still for it!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Didn't know you had furry companions, too. Your trio is adorable! I love their decorative ruffs!

Beth said...

Lisa, your boys are adorable in their Christmas collars :-) Love the Aunt Grace quilt; those fabrics are so happy.


Janet said...

The kitties are beautiful. Are they related?

Sheila said...

Tried to post the other day and it wouldn't work. Sigh. Love the quilts - what's not to like there? But the kitty finery takes the prize for this posting. Such well behaved kitties, too!
Sheila H.

LuAnn said...

Beautiful quilts. Love the photos of the cats. Happy New Year.

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your blog is pure eye candy! So happy I came across it! Have a warm, safe and cozy New Year!
Take Care,

Sandra said...

Thanks for helping advertise the AQSG star book --I'm so excited about my and my sister's cheddar star quilts being published.

P.s. the boys are quite photgenic