Monday, July 11, 2011

Doll Quilt Swap Reveal

Now that Carolyn from Lee Prairie Designs has received the quilt I sent her, I can show you the whole thing.

I shrunk down four of the blocks from the Sally Post quilt. If you haven't heard of this quilt, you can buy the pattern at Sentimental Stitches. There is a signature block on it, done in cross stitch, that reads Sally Post, 1854. Age 63. I've had all the fabric to make this for a few years, you know how that goes. :) But I liked the smaller version so well, I may make the whole quilt that way.

My LQS owner, Chris, from The Attic Window Quilt Shop, gave me a new product to try out, and I have to say, it's the best thing I've found since the 1/4" bias maker, which is saying a lot! It's called Lapel Stick, and it's a temporary, non-staining adhesive that's water soluble. I used it to place my berries on a current project, and when I wanted to move one a bit, I had to PULL it off. I've tried about every liquid and stick glue out there, and wasn't impressed with any of them. I finally just bought an extra couple bottles of pins. :) But you really need to try this. It works better than you could imagine. I need to pick up a couple more so I have one in each room.

I love looking at everyone's pictures of flowers and birds, and I'd love to post some of my own, but with no garden, I'm stuck with just my four bird feeders, and here's what my attempt to take a pic of a woodpecker looks like. :(

Today I read about how the Bald Eagle has made such a comeback in Michigan, with over 700 pair as of this year, so I thought I'd leave you with a picture of a little fluffy baby chick. Unfortunately, eagle chicks might be fluffy, but they are anything but little. Very cute just the same. :)

Please keep Grand Rapids in your prayers this week. With a spree killer leaving 8 dead, and our hometown girl Betty Ford passing away, we are a city in mourning.


Sheila said...

Hi Lisa,
Love your doll quilt. Really a good one. Thanks for the tip on the glue.
My thoughts are with Grand Rapids.

Lori said...

The small version is super cute!

Frances Leate said...

Lovely doll quilt Lisa and what a fabulous idea to make a smaller version of the blocks - the original version of the quilt is great too. We are thinking of you all in Great Rapids. Take care.

Jan said...

Your little quilt is adorable! And, thanks for the info about Lapel Stick.
I'm near Chicago and haven't heard about what is happening there in your town. Prayers - you got'em!

Susie said...

Like the big one and the little one!

Miriam said...

Your doll quilt is wonderful! A great idea to make a small version of the whole Sally Post quilt.
I will keep an eye out for the Lapel Stick. Thank you for the tip.
Those circles and stems look amazing! What quilt is that block for?

Oh dear, your town is having a tough time at the moment. You will be remembered in my payers. My condolences to all the families affected.

Vivian said...

Such a sweet little quilt for Carolyn. One line from your post really stuck a chord with me -- "I've had all the fabric to make this for a few years, you know how that goes." Yes, I definitely know how that goes. Now and then I find a mystery sack and wonder what in the world I was planning when I put those fabrics together and set it aside.
Of course, my thoughts are with those affected by the tragedy.
Betty Ford was such a special lady.

Cheryl said...

Carolyn must love her doll quilt!!! I have been hearing about that glue...must give it a try.
OMG, I had not read about the serial killer...very scary.
Betty Ford's death is a great loss for our country!

Beth said...

Your mini quilt is a delight, Lisa :-) I had no idea that baby Bald Eagles were so BIG! Looking at him (her?) I can see the family resemblance to dinosaurs.

Grand Rapids is in our thoughts and prayers, friend.


Janet said...

Who is killing off those magniifent birds? So sad to hear of that. I love the small quilt, that was a good idea to shrink the blocks, it's very lovely.

LuAnn said...

I've had the Sally Post patterns for ages, too, along with fabrics I've pulled to do it. I really love your smaller version. It makes me want to prep a few blocks and just try to finish one a week. I love that quilt.

Dawn said...

What a swwet little quilt! Love the big one of course too ;-)
Eagle chick is magnificent, thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Great job, what a sweet quilt. Most quilt patterns are like cat and dogs, cuter when they are littler.
Hope you are feeling better.