Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 8th Day of Christmas

Now that you've caught your breath after that first room, we'll continue on. ;) A walk across the hall reveals more quilts, pieced this time. There is something so charming about this simple pink, red, and white.

Ordinarily, this would be too recent for me, but it's such an unusual design, I really loved, and it looks perfect on that table.

A walk through the kitchen,

and we come upon a couple of signature quilts.

I like the way they used red, white, and blue for the embroidery, too.

Here are some of the children's toy collection. A china head doll named Rosiebelle, who's bed looks very comfy!

The bed was made at a foundry there in town. A lot of the items in the museum were donated by local people, so it's kind of like a time capsule of the surrounding area.

A Studebaker wagon.

And these adorable Victorian children's fashions.

There's plenty more left to see.........


Miriam said...

Wow!! I love the wicker doll pram.
An amazing collection. I would love to know the stories behind those signature quilts.

Sue said...

Fantastic. I'm enjoying the tour with so many simple quilts and lovely objects.
I too love the pink and white. Like they say less is more!

Sue said...

This is really fun. I am really enjoying the tour of this place.
I agree love that pink and white and love the simplicity of it.

Have a wonderful New Year.


Janet said...

I love the simply pink,red and white one too. You could really showcase some nice hand quilting on it. I loved the kitchen too.
Thank you Lisa. You are doing a great job.

Lori said...

The pink and red is so simple but so charming!!

What a lovely museum with big treasures!!

Mary said...

I love dolls! I think I've probably made as many (maybe even more) dolls as quilts so it was nice to see Rosiebelle and the other doll included in the pictures. The iron bed and the buggy are wonderful. I know it's a blog about quilts, but I'm really happy to see these!

Dawn said...

I'm loving this tour! A treasure at every turn.
Thank you for taking us along.