Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quilts & Textiles

I travelled this weekend to Mansfield, Ohio to attend a Quilt and Textile Study Day put on by the Midwest Fabric Study Group. It was to be a day spent studying textiles from the 1840-1860 time period, leading up to the Civil War. The event was organized by Sharon Pinka, who did a fabulous job setting everything up and making sure it all ran smoothly. Most of us arrived at the hotel on Friday night, and Sharon had arranged a get-together and show and tell in the breakfast room. People brought things from home or, in several cases, things they bought on the way. :) There were so many treasures, I hardly know where to begin. I guess I'll start with my favorite of the evening, this wonderful gold and red coverlet owned by Mary Jane Teeters-Eichaker. It was absolutely breathtaking to see it in person.

I love this motif of birds feeding their young.

Here's a detailed view of the border.

A corner detail. Notice the chinese pagoda under the fern.

Here is Xenia Cord, second from the left, talking about a red signature quilt she brought to share. I loved all the different fabrics in this, some I had not seen before.

One signature was mysteriously covered up with a muslin patch. This is the best part about these show and tells for me - everyone brainstorms about the WHY of things. WHO covered the name over, and WHY??

And another signature from the quilt. There was some speculation on whether Mexico was the country or a town.

Barb Garrett, pictured above to the left of Xenia Cord, brought a collection of doll quilts that she made and sells patterns for. These were really wonderful.

My favorite was this one made with Treasures of the York County Heritage Trust fabrics.

That's all for tonight, but I've taken over 500 pictures so far, so there's lots more to tell!!


Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Lisa,You get around to a lot of very interesting places.Love the pictures ------more please!
judy j

Sue said...

I can hardly wait for your next blog. Very very interesting, Thanks for sharing.

Kathie said...

oh the coverlet is just amazing I can see making a quilt from all those motives.
Isn't Xenia amazing she is an encyclopedia of information.
Barb Garrett is such a wealth of info too! Very nice as well. I have always loved her little quilts.
thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the next blog post!

Janet said...

The coverlet is amazing. I love the red and gold more than the red and black ones. What a great way to spend a day. Thanks for sharing the information and the photos.

Frances Leate said...

What an amazing time you must have had and that coverlet is really spectacular. I can see why you took so many photos if these ones are any indication of the treasure yet to come. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Beth said...

Lisa, what a lovely adventure!


Nancy said...

Very interesting time you had. The covered signature... maybe he done her wrong and he's gone! I saw a book in which the author included photos of her life. He ex was cut out of every one on the photos! Anyhow, you were immersed in wonderful old textiles and I look forward to seeing more photos. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, I look forward to more.

Karen said...

I am looking forward to more of the pictures that you took.

Dorothy said...

What wonderful photos. I LOVE the red and gold coverlet. Isn't it magnificent. Please put up some more photos of the quilts if you have them. I am definately an antique quilt lover.

Sandra said...

Wow, I've been drooling over all 3 posts. I find the 1838 busy red gold bird coverlet interesting because I wonder if coverlet like this was the inspiration for my 1850 rose of sharon, bird applique quilt. It is as busy but less formal ... food for thought.
Thanks for sharing the photo of Barb B and her work. And the prussian blue dress, oh my.
Sandra Starley - Textile Time Travels