Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Design

Well, I've been playing around with this for a while, and finally decided to take the plunge. I switched to a new blog template. It feels lighter and more open than the old one. I'm still tweaking it, it HAS to have purple somewhere, but I really like it so far.

I have a couple of Morrell blocks done. I think the Broderie Perse one turned out good, but I think I want to do a smaller buttonhole. I'll try it on the next block and see if I want to do this one over. I don't want it to look overworked, though, so I'll see which I like best.

I also prepped three more blocks. I'm really liking the Broderie blocks. I find intricate handwork so relaxing, and I need all of that I can get! I know some people have done some of the blocks needleturn. While I love doing needleturn, right now I'm thinking I'll do them all buttonhole. I was sceptical at first, but I really like the look.

I also decided to toss out most of the Civil War fabrics I collected, and use some earlier fabrics, more appropriate for the early 1840's when the quilt was made. It meant starting over, but I think I have what I need, for now anyway.

My plan to dive into that Strawberry Garden block hit a snag when I opened it up and realized I had two of one of the pages, and none of the other one. Oops! They are sending me the other pattern page, so while I'm waiting, I also did another Crimson Tweed block. I really like this one. The backings are all some shade of gray, and this one is a hand-dyed smoky color that almost looks blue.

Now to get caught up with those Lisa's Garden blocks! I'm only about 5 weeks behind. My second thread set for the wool blocks is on it's way, though, so it won't be long now.


Dorothy said...

Your Broderie Perse is looking really good. I thoroughly enjoyed making the Sarah Morrell. I finally put a photo of mine on the blog.

Miriam said...

Well done on your broderie perse! Your stitches look great!

I hope the Strawberry Garden pattern page arrives soon.

Janet said...

I think your blocks look gorgeous, especially the broderie perse. I love the Strawberry Garden
quilt you've jumped into, my favourite colours and style of all time.

Kathie said...

your blocks are just beautiful.
I am in awe of your fabric choices, the peacock is beautiful.
but the block above him is amazing!
oh can you show us the fabric you used for that block?
thanks your work is so inspiring.

Margaret said...

Hi Lisa, your Morrell blocks are looking fantastic. Keep posting pictures, it's spurring me on. I struggle with the Broderie Perse...I'm kinda over it. I love the cutting out, arranging and ironing down but then lose interest when it comes to all that buttonhole. But I'm on the 'home straight' with it so I can't falter now.
I hope the pattern page doesn't take long to arrive too, I love your fabric choices for it and look forward to seeing it progress.
Til soon, M

Frances Leate said...

I absolutely love your blocks and your broderie perse looks fabulous. Love the purple!

Beth said...

Your Morrell blocks are beautiful, Lisa! I love doing buttonhole stitching; this looks like a lot of fun :-)


Hilda said...

Hi Lisa,
All looking wonderful, just wonderful ! and I agree with you about the older fabrics being more suitable - better to change your mind now than later down the line :)
I have quite a pile of large floral fabric collecting now - might be starting soon....
Thanks for the posts - I really look forward to your news!

quilltr said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. Kathie, the fabric is Wintherthur's Sophia Pearce by Andover. Beth, you should try it! It's very addicting.

Alice said...

I love your fabrics. And your blog looks great. I am very tempted by that strawberry quilt - Barbara Brackman did a post on that recently.