Friday, July 30, 2010

Strawberry Garden

Well, I have two of my Morrell blocks done, and will post them this weekend, but I just had to show you the newest BOM I joined. It's called Strawberry Garden, and is based on a quilt in the collection of Terry Clothier Thompson.

I've only seen pictures of three of these quilts, and I find them fascinating, as it's a pattern rarely seen, so when Common Threads Quilting announced they were starting a BOM for it, I couldn't sign up fast enough. I got my first shipment today.

I was ready to do another broderie block for my Morrell, but I may have to squeeze this in first. I'm still trying to keep current with a BOM past the second month, but it may be a lifelong quest for me! The good part about Common Threads is they post a picture of the current month's block to use for reference. Here's the first block.

Here is another version pictured in the book Glorious American Quilts by Warren and Eisenstat.

And a third version, which was formerly in the inventory of Legacy Quilts.

To read more about these quilts, see this post from Barbara Brackman.


Hilda said...

O Lisa ! That quilt is just gorgeous ! What did you have to tell us that for - now there's another one added to the "wanted" list....and I haven't even started the Morrell :(
Have fun with it!

quilltr said...

Hilda, that's what keeps life interesting!! At least we aren't sitting around with nothing to do!

Beth said...

Lisa, such a unique looking quilt! Have you ever inventoried how many projects you have going at one time? I've lost track, girl :-)

Looking forward to seeing your first two Morrell blocks, and I'm really enjoying the ever changing banner picture.

Happy quilting!


Miriam said...

What a great quilt you are about to start! Hmmm, I am tempted!!!
Looking forward to seeing your Morrell blocks too.

quilltr said...

Beth, I would tell you, but it would take another blog. ;)

Thanks about the banner pics. It gives me a chance to show off my collection.

quilltr said...

Miriam, there's still time, it just started. :) I'm an appliquer at heart, so I love this one.

Dorothy said...

Go to the Baum fabric site and have a look at Mary Koval's Baltimum Album fabric range. Just the sort of colours to suit this pattern.

Dorothy said...

Sorry. Baltimore Album.
should have checked it.

Margaret said...

Lisa, that's a gorgeous quilt. I have a copy of Glorious American Quilts and have admired that quilt often. I would have 'dropped everything' and started straight away too. Looking forward to seeing your Morrell blocks tho, I have put mine back up on the design wall for a 'last ditch' effort at finishing it, keep your fingers crossed for you I am easily swayed when something tempting comes along.