Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cats and Computers

Since I've been on vacation, I don't have much for show and tell, but in my eternal quest for new projects, especially cat related ones, I bought and downloaded the class for the Cat Sack. It's a pattern by Michelle Verbeeck. She used to teach on Joggles, which is a great site for just about everything related to dollmaking, but now she sells her patterns on Etsy.

I've wanted to make this since I first laid eyes on it, but having to use the sewing machine for it was, of course, a problem. Now, since I've gotten my feet wet with the Galloping Pony Tote, I'm going to see if I can do this, although the free motion quilting scares me to death! I bought nothing but batiks for years, before I switched over to reproduction fabrics, so I have quite a stash to choose from, but, of course, that doesn't mean I couldn't use a few more!

I got back from vacation to find my computer on life-support, and after two days of trying to save it, I finally had to take it in to be repaired. I'm stuck with the laptop for a few days, minus all my photos and files. Wouldn't you know it, my back-up drive was defective. Hopefully my stuff can be recovered. The problem with using the laptop is, the kids are on it constantly. ;)

Well, back to trying to get caught up with Lisa's Garden. Week 5 just got here, but I have a few blocks to finish before I'm ready for it. I should have pictures in a couple of days. I'm loving these small wool blocks.


Beth said...

Lisa, be careful letting your kids on the computer...they may be hitting all the 'kitty porn' sites :-)

Love the new picture at the top of the page, and that kitty sack is gorgeous. Do you sleep, or just sew the night away??


Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Hope you had a great vacation.
Good to see you back.
judy j

Janet said...

The bag is a work of art, what a conversation piece it would be. I hope you get the computer problems sorted soon.

quilltr said...

Beth, that is TOO funny! I wish I didn't have to sleep. I'd get more done.

Thanks, Judy. Wish you were coming to the Daisy class. I better get my doll made.

Thanks, Janet. I'm doing the picking fabrics lesson now. Not sure yet, but it'll have purple in it!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love this bag. You did a great job. So cute!!