Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip to the Hen House

My girlfriend Marilyn and I take a road trip to a primitive quilt shop every three months or so, and this last Saturday was the perfect day for it. The trip takes an hour or so, but you'd never know it the way we chatter. The shop is called The Hen House, and it's in a little town southeast of here called Charlotte. The Hen House carries lots of wools, homespuns, and Jo Morton fabrics, as well as basket making supplies.

We usually go in and let Nancy know we are in town, then go across the street to Eaton's Pub for one of my favorite things, Pot Roast Panini and steak fries. It makes me wish we made the trip more often. :)

Then back across the street for some shopping. The store is so jam-packed, it takes quite a while to work our way through it all, checking out the new stuff. Here's the owner, Nancy Conn, standing in front of Primitive Gatherings Settler's Pride wool quilt, which Marilyn and I did as a BOM from her shop. Nancy always has a million WIP, and about that many ideas for new ones. We always have a lot to gab about.

I picked up some shirtings and Jo Morton fabrics for my Blackbird Designs Trick or Treat quilt. I did this as a BOM from Homestead Hearth, but there are a few fabrics I want to substitute.

I have 90 blocks done, and only a couple hundred yet to go. :)

I'm leaving tomorrow for Pennsylvania for my family reunion, and I'd hoped to have the first three weeks of Lisa's Garden to show you before I left, but I only have two weeks done, and week four arrived today! I don't have the stitching on the wool blocks done, but my threads should come tomorrow, and they will make a nice travel project.

Happy Fourth of July, and see you next week!


Beth said...


I love the picture you have at the top of the blog...the little girl with the flag. And your road trip sounds like the kind of thing my sister and I enjoy (just not often enough). Your quilt blocks are wonderful; I particularly like 'Lisa's Garden' :-)

Safe travels to Pennsylvania,


Janet said...

I love the new picture on your header! I could use a trip like that to a nice shop.
The blocks look wonderful, you've reminded me about my poor neglected baskets.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Great post. I was just there. Fun place. Love your Lisa's Garden. Hope you have a fun trip!

Kathie said...

I love seeing the baskets, I should get mine out again and start working on them I only have to make a few more...less than 50!

Sharon said...

Great pictures. What pattern are you using for your baskets? I see these all over blogland but don't know where that pattern is from?