Friday, June 25, 2010

Threadbear Package Arrives!

My package from Threadbear arrived from Australia this week! It arrived along with several packages of fabrics I had tracked down, after getting the heads up on what to look for from my friend Janet. My mail lady could hardly climb the stairs, her bag was so laden down with fabrics. I saved opening the Threadbear package till last, knowing it would be the best, and I wasn't disappointed. I got the Ann Daggs pattern, Ann's Legacy, along with the fabric starter pack, and the background fabric.

They were sold out of the border fabric, but provided me with the name of the line, and I was able to track that down here in the States. While I was at it, I ordered another fabric, from Judy Roche, that I thought looked similar to the original quilt's border. I'll audition them both, but I think the Roche is too light.

And then, the pattern I have wanted since I first saw a picture of it that someone had taken at a show where it was displayed, Di Ford's Morrell quilt! I printed that picture out, and it's been laying here next to my computer ever since. There's so much to the pattern, I feel very intimidated, but I'll just concentrate on one block at a time, and try not to feel overwhelmed. Notice the bottles of Little House pins in the top right corner. These are my favorite pins, and have been impossible to find here for several years. I was thrilled to find them on Threadbear's website.

I found two of the Sophia Pearce fabrics that Di used in her quilt, and also the Austen Manor peacock fabric.

Next are some of the In the Time of Toile fabrics, by Froncie Quinn. Several more are on the way! I just love these fabrics, and had coveted them for a while. Now that I have the perfect project for them, I had an excuse to splurge.

Also arriving this week were week 3 of the Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week, and another Sue Spargo Crimson Tweed block. Good thing I'm on vacation for the next two weeks.


Janet said...

It's so exciting starting a new quilt. The fabrics were such a great find. Because of your recomendation with the pins, I've ordered some too. I'll be back on the Morrell in a matter of days.

Beth said...

Lisa, such beautiful fabrics, and how nice that you have an expanse of time ahead of you to play with all of this :-)


quilltr said...

Beth and Janet, I'm waiting on the background fabric, impatiently, and can't wait to get started. Janet, you will love those pins.

julieQ said...

Your fabric packages are inspiring! I like you, have several projects on the go...isn't it fun? Have a great vacation!

Hilda said...

Hi Lisa,
Those fabrics look just wonderful - great choices. Have fun with them :) Great photos - thanks.

I'm still waiting on background fabric for the Morrell quilt. I know what you mean about the pattern - it does look a lot to do! Don't get overwhelmed - just do a little at a time ...and enjoy it.

quilltr said...

Julie and Hilda,
Thanks for visiting. I have more fabrics on the way. I'm ready to go once that background arrives. Meanwhile, I just got Week 4 of Lisa's Garden to keep me busy.

Kathie said...

beautiful fabrics and oh what a great quilt.
yes both of them are on my list of quilts to make one of these days too!
looking forward to following your progress.

quilltr said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kathie. I have quite a "one of these days" list, too!