Sunday, June 20, 2010

Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week

You would think it was enough that I can't keep up with the Block of the Months I'm in, but now I've joined a Block of the Week! Of course, I love wool, and I love working small, so, with Primitive Gatherings new blocks finishing at 3", I just had to join. The fact that it's called Lisa's Garden didn't have anything to do with it, honest. :) The quilt was inspired by Florence Peto's quilt "Calico Garden" which resides in the Shelburne Museum. Here is the original "Calico Garden."

We get 10 blocks a week, 5 pieced and 4 wool applique, along with a free project. Here is the first week's shipment.

We also got all the background fabric for the wool blocks, which is an aged muslin. I matched up lights with darks and got to cutting those 1 1/2" squares.

The wool block directions call for using Steam-a-seam 2 lite. I haven't used fusible with wool before, but with pieces so small, I think I'll give it a try. I also don't usually buttonhole, I whip stitch, so I'm still deciding on that. Hopefully I'll have something to show you later in the week.

I also got the first package of the fabrics I ordered for the Morrell quilt. My friend Janet, from Quiltsalott, clued me in to some fabrics, since she has her pattern, and has already started her quilt. These are from Florrie's Favorites, designed by Froncie Quinn, of Hoopla fame, and, coincidentally, taken from Florence "Florrie" Peto's quilts. Froncie also has a pattern for Calico Garden.

Hopefully my package from Threadbear will come this week. I'll post pictures when it arrives. After I get done rolling around in it. :)


Hilda said...

Hi Lisa,
Am looking forward to seeing how you go on the Morrell quilt. These Florrie's Favorites are so lovely. Can I ask where you got them? ( I am also collecting fabrics for this quilt...)
All the best - and good luck with your Primitive Gatherings too!

quilltr said...

Hi Hilda! I just sent you an email with a couple of stores that have it. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Makes me tired to see it all.Can't wait to see blocks in progress.
judy j

quilltr said...

I find it very relaxing, unlike painting a doll, which I find fraught with tension. :)

julieQ said...

I am doing this one too! I am on week two...isn't is so much fun?? I really love working with the steam-a-seam, it adds a little more hold...than just pins. I will love looking forward to seeing your blocks!

quilltr said...

It is fun. I'm a little behind because I had to wait for the replacement fabric to come in. I see week 3 shipped today, so I better get a move on. The steam a seam is next.

Tingelingeling said...

It looks georgeous! I am looking forwart to the next!