Monday, October 25, 2010

Limping Along

I had an exciting Saturday night, starting with a bat and ending with an ambulance ride, so I'm not getting around too well at the moment. Hopefully, after things settle down around here, I'll feel well enough to get some sewing done while I'm laid up. :) My friend Marilyn just left after bringing me an emergency supply of Diet Coke and my favorite blueberry fritters, so I'm set for the rest of the week.

I recently joined (oh no, not again!) a block exchange on the Jo Morton Yahoo Group. This is my first exchange, and since I already had the ingredients, I thought it sounded like fun. I bought these stamp basket stamps from Cindy Blackberg years ago in Chicago at Quilt Festival, but never used them. After this exchange, I'm going to get her Spools set and start making those Klosjes blocks I enjoy seeing on everyone's blogs.

I was sure the ink pads would be dried out after 8 years, and was just about to order re-inkers, when I unwrapped them and checked them just to make sure, and they were just like brand new! They were sealed in some pretty thick plastic, and I guess that made the difference. Now to prewash the fabrics, which is a requirement for the exchange, and also to successfully use the ink, but is something I never do.

I went to an antique market a couple of weeks ago with a friend, which was a huge disappointment, but we stopped at an antique mall on the way home and saw some wonderful things. This was called a field cradle. I know nothing about it, but it would really look nice in my living room with my dolls in it. :) A little pricey though.

I found this metal headed doll, though, and couldn't resist, especially since everything in the booth was 20% off to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the mall.

If you read my Dolls and Quilts post, I showed one that a member brought to the meeting, and I was really entranced by it, having never seen one. This one was in very good shape, although the dress was pretty faded and deteriorated, but I can always make a replacement. Lots of undergarments on her, even a bustle pad!

My local fabric store cleaned out the rafters and had a huge sale, with fabrics $2.97 - $3.97 a yard, and had lines going back to 2001. I found a bolt of this Bannister Hall Summerhouse by Xenia Cord, as well as a couple of Broderie Perse by Andover. There were some real finds, like old Kathy Hall, Jo Morton, quite a few Winterthur lines, and 1800's Blended Tradition, and I was out of money after visiting only two of their four stores in town!

Since the Northern Michigan houses were so popular last week, I thought I would show you a few more. Have a great week!


Karen said...

The cradle is an interesting piece. And so is the metal doll.
Cindy Blackberg was my first quilt teacher and a very good one.

Lori said...

The houses are gorgeous!

Love the older fabric you were able to find! Who doesn't love a bargain on beautiful prints like that?!
What a wonderful doll and the bustle pad is a hoot!

Nancy said...

Hope you make good progress in your recovery! You'll probably get a lot of piecing done. Those houses are gorgeous!

YankeeQuilter said...

My guild is looking at having Cindy do a workshop for us. Nice to see good comments on her here! (I bought her carpenter wheel set at the AQS Knoxville show but haven't tried it yet...)

Janet said...

I hope you're all ok now, it sounds like some excitement you could do without. What a terrific find on the sale fabrics and the doll, had to laugh over the bustle. I love looking at old charactor homes, these are just wonderful.

Dorothy said...

The new fabric/panels you have bought I used in my Sarah Morrel quilt. My SM quilt has a blue border around the centre block, so when I cut the squares of fabric up to use as whole blocks,I left the small border of blue/white diamonds on and they look really good. It also meant I had 9 blocks of Broderie Perse I didn't have to actually sew.
The houses are wonderful.
Hope you are better soon.

Hilda said...

I am so jealous of those fabric finds of yours! The broderie perse will be lovely for your Morrell quilt won't it? Can I ask which shop you found them at.....
Those houses are just delightful :)
All the best

Sue said...

Sounds like you have been playing around with boys toys- Hope you are feeling better soon. I am going to enjoy seeing your stamp basket progress, then your Klosjes.
What a finds you have had I love those fabrics and thanks for sharing those lovely houses. So different from anything in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Bat(flying variety) or bat(baseball variety)? Whichever it was, I hope your recovery is speedy. Jealous of those fabric finds - they look very nice. I agree with Hilda - a good broderie perse fabric is hard to find.
Get well, K

Anonymous said...

A in a flying rodent, or a ball bat? Either sounds not so good!
Never heard of a metal head doll. She is very pretty!!!
Still love the houses!

Kathie said...

oh I Just love seeing these houses....a dream to live in an old house .
I think that doll is adorable, it would be fun making a new dress for her
I hope your feeling better soon and thats not the kind of excitement you need over the weekends! or anytime.
I have never seen those stamps so am curious as to how you like them and hope you will share a block with us to see how well they work.
beautiful fabrics, *thanks*

Janet said...

Wow. What happened?
What a steal on the fabrics,lucky you. Love
the dolls. The homes are just beautiful. Your
pixs are great.

Margaret said...

WoW, what fantastic houses...They're like doll's houses, thanks for showing more pics.
Love those fabric finds, Broderie Perse galore, you are going to have the best Morrell quilt ever.
Excellent findings Lisa.
Til soon M

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Here's another stamp tip for you: always store your stamp pads in the plastic bag (sealed) and store them upside down. This keeps the ink distributed throughout the felt. I'm hoping my MFSG presentation inspired you to dig out those stamps and give them a whirl. Keep us posted on how you like them.
Loved your fabric buys!
Sheila Holland

Sandra said...

I echo the bat (rodent or baseball) question, you'll have to give us more details. Hope you are feeling better and can do some sewing while you are laid up.
What a fun doll and I love her bustle.