Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red and Green

My Quilt History Study Group put together a Red and Green exhibit for our Quilts on the Grand quilt show last weekend. We auditioned quilts from members and friends, and picked the ones that we thought best illustrated the Classic Floral Applique style. It was a great success, with even the husbands examining the quilts close up. I heard one woman say "Oh, they have some OLD quilts." I thought it was a great opportunity to educate people a little about antique quilts.

This is a classic four block applique style quilt in the Coxcomb pattern. It has green sashing between the blocks, which is unusual for this style, and pink and yellow accent colors.

This is an example of what Ricky Clark, in her book Quilted Gardens: Floral Quilts of the Nineteenth Century, calls a Floral Star block structure. It has a center motif, and two others, one on the horizontal and vertical axes, in this case the coxcombs, and one on the diagonal axes, the princess feathers.

Notice the reverse applique in the center and in the middle of the feathers.

This quilt is an example of the Symmetrical Sprig style, in which the left and right halves of the motif are mirror images. It has the date, 1856, quilted into it.

Instead of the more common undulating vine or swag border, this one has a border with eagles and tree like designs.

It's unusual to find a Classic Floral Applique quilt that is not made of repeating blocks, as in this undulating vine quilt, but it looks like it might actually be an asymmetrical floral sprig block, with the bottom stem extended down under the next rose.

This quilt also contains reverse applique.

This was my personal favorite, a less commonly seen Pineapple design. Pineapple patterns in quiltmaking are of either one large fruit set on the diagonal, or four mirror images radiating from the center.

I knew the pineapple was the universal symbol of hospitality, but didn't know it was because sea captains impaled them on their entry gates when they returned from the sea. I love the bud and feather border motif with the alternating red and yellow buds.

This Blazing Star combines piecing and applique for an attractive quilt.

If you read my post on the Study Day, you recognize the alternating berry and leaf vine border adapted from woven coverlet border designs. Instead of one continuous piece, the vines are separate pieces on each side.

This is a Whig Rose, or Rose of Sharon pattern. It was made by members of the Rhinehart family in the mid-1850's, and was passed down through the family, used only as a "best" or company spread.

It has an unusual double border of buds.

The maker edged the applique pieces with a buttonhole stitch, but with the edge on the inside of the piece, instead of around the outside. I marvel at how even the line is without the edge to guide her!

This is another pieced and appliqued design, the Pieced Basket. It is also an example of a symmetrical flower and bud design, with the halves mirror images of each other. The border vine is cheddar on two sides, and green on the other two.

The vine border is similar to one found on a quilt in the "dower chest" of Jane Roan in Lancaster, PA in 1778.

A Turkey Tracks pattern, with an undulating vine and bud border.

This is my favorite Ely and Walker "poison" green fabric.

Another stunner, this is the Flower and Urn, or Flower Basket pattern.

This quilt features a central medallion, rather than the usual one block repeating pattern.

It is also unusual in that the floral arrangement is asymmetrical, meaning the right and left halves are not mirror images of each other.

I highly recommend both Quilted Gardens, and Jeana Kimball's Red and Green: An Applique Tradition books for further information on Red and Green Quilts.

More pictures of the show coming soon!

The winners of my giveaway are Gilli and Dorothy. Please contact me with your mailing addresses and I will send you your necklace and fabric. Thanks to all who left comments or emailed me.


Lori said...

Oh my goodness! What a feast for the eyes! I did a post today on red and green applique. Mine isn't as extensive as yours but does have the "reverse" buttonhole stitch too! How funny as I've never seen (or at least noticed) it before!!

Karen said...

What a wonderful collection of applique quilts. Love the pineapple quilt.

Donna in SW PA said...

They are all just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

Linda C said...

Wow!! Some stunning quilts in that collection. Thanks for sharing them. l am always so inspired by these beautiful antique quilts.

Anonymous said...

WOW what amazing quilts, Lisa! they are all so delicate & beautiful & ssoo vibrant, i LOVE the reds & greens!

Janet said...

Lisa, Oh how I wished I had been there to see the extensive collection of antique red and green quilts. Red and green is my favorite. You
took some fantastic pictures. Loved that some
men took a good look at them too. Again,
fantastic and thank you for sharing.

Janet said...

What a fantastic array of my absolute all time favourite quilts. I would have been in heaven. Every time I scrolled down, I thought, oh that's my favourite only to see more favourites. Thanks you so much for the sharing.

taylorsoutback said...

Just found your blog and am speechless...thank you so much for sharing these incredible photos of red and green quilts...I am off to let my quilt history study group in on this!

Have a lovely weekend.

Nancy said...

Wonderful, wonderful!

Dorothy said...
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Janet said...

Wow those are beauties!! The quilting in them is very fine as well. What an inspirational post!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness- I kept scrolling down and they kept coming and coming. Wonderful quilts- Thank you so much for sharing.
Truly jealous on the other side of the pond.

Dorothy said...
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Kathie said...

oh I am sitting here having my cup of morning coffee and just in AWE over these quilts.
I Love red and green applique quilts and it is what started me on my applique adventure. I love looking at the quilting as well thanks for the close ups so I can study that as well.
ah yes I can say so much about each one of them....
pure heaven!
thank you for sharing your quilt study days with us and your knowledge of antique quilts. I love that book by Jeana I learned a lot reading it as well as referencing it over the years.

Dorothy said...

Thank you so much, Lisa.I am really pleased to have won one of you giveaways.
I have been having problems getting anybody's emails to work on my blog since I got the new computer but have fixed the problem now and sent you my address.

Beth said...

So many beautiful quilts, Lisa! I think my favorite is the Whig Rose. I expected red and green quilts to all look like Christmas, but not so, such a wonderful variety. Thank-you so much for taking the time to share them all :-)


Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Another informative and inspiring post, Lisa! What a gorgeous display of antique gems your group put together. I wish I could have seen them in person but your blog tour was the next best thing! The pineapple one was my favorite, too. Thanks for sharing all these lovely red and green quilts with us.

Sheila said...

Hi Lisa,
What wonderful photos and interesting commentary about all the red and green quilts. Very informative. Thanks for the posting.
Sheila H.

paulette said...

Wow! These quilts leave me speechless!! Incredible quilts! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

just found your blog - lovely - and incredible quilts. I'll be back often!

YankeeQuilter said...

Thanks for posting such great quilts. I've seen a fair number of pineapple quilts here in South Carolina and Georgia. Maybe a regional thing...

Lynn said...

Lisa, thanks so much for taking the time to share this wonderful quilt show. This type of blog is so valuable to those of us who cannot possibly see these quilts in person. Keep up the good work.

Lenna D. said...

Fabulous collection of R&Gs. My personal favorite. Thanks for the excellent photos of details.

Lucy said...

OOhh my... this is a thrill for my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing these quilts. They are my piece of cake. I love your blog. You make nice posts.

Taryn said...

Those red and green quilts are awesome! I missed the post when you first put it up so am glad to circle to enjoy it.