Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quilt of the Week

Earlier this week I was tossing around the idea of having a "Quilt of the Week" on Wednesdays. You can see it took me a little longer than I thought. :) I found this great wool quilt up for auction on eBay. It just screams "folk art" in all the right ways.

There are 4 log cabins arranged around a courtyard, and if you look closely, you can see the letters H O M E stitched on the steps up to each house.

I love the design and colors. With bluebirds, sheep, flowers, cherries, and a picket fence, what's not to love. The seller is wwolst12, and you can see more pictures and the description here.

If you've wanted to take a portrait painted doll class with Susan Fosnot, this might be your last chance. The Old Courthouse Arts Center, where she has her classes, has been sold, and they have new plans for it. The class is May 14-15, and will be an 8" girl, painted in acrylics, named Zinia.

Susan always has a new tip or technique to teach, and this class is no exception. She is very excited about a new technique that makes the acrylic paint stay wet for hours, and blend and shade like oils. She says if you think oils are the only paint for you, this class will change your mind. You can see more of Susan's dolls, and details of the workshop, on her website.

In my last post I showed you a sneak peek of the doll quilt I made for Cheryl, my partner in the Doll Quilt Exchange. Here is a picture of the whole quilt. I had a lot of fun making it. Round II starts soon, with a new partner.

Thanks to Cynthia, I found the Lavender and Mint fabric I was searching for. Also, thank to Miriam, who also located some for me. The friends I've met blogging are the very best!


Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Cheryl is a lucky exchange partner! Your quilt is just wonderful. Love that wool quilt from ebay, too. I can't get enough of wool and it's neat to see an antique quilt made up in it. Thank you so much for sharing. A visit to your blog is always a treat.

Karen said...

Is the wool quilt a vintage piece? It is wonderful.

Kathie said...

what a beautiful quilt, seeing antique wool pieces is amazing the work they put into their pieces was amazing.
thanks for sharing this with us, I tend to stay off ebay :)
can be dangerous!

Merilyn said...

Your new purchase is just lovely, the maker did a great job, I love the detail: the sheep and fences, flowers etc. How will you display it? I imagine it is quite heavy!
I love your doll exchange quilt, I'm sure Cheryl will just love!!!

Frances Leate said...

I love your folk art style quilt and the detail it contains - a great addition to a collection. Great little doll quilt and what a lucky partner you have. Take care.

Cheryl said...

The faces on the dolls are exquisite, but I adore their clothing! And I am a lucky girl! I love my new doll quilt.

Beth said...

I love your doll quilt, Lisa; and the Susan Fosnot dolls have such amazing faces; will you be taking the class?


Vivian said...

Thank you for the info about the wool quilt on E-bay. It's so unique.
That led me to a lot of hopping and hopping and hopping. There are some real lovelies being offered.
Such a sweet little doll quilt. The swaps are so tempting.

Sheila said...

Hi Lisa,
Missed seeing you the other weekend. Hope all is well. Love your quilt of the week idea! The first one is quite a quilt! Of course you know I enjoyed seeing your little quilt, too. Good job!

Appalachian Quilts said...

Who would part with such a lovely wool quilt? I watch some of these pawn shows where they are selling off grandma's this or grandpa's that and wonder what happened to holding onto family memoriabilia. You definitely hit the jackpot with that wool quilt! :)

The Civil War Quilter said...

That old wool quilt is fabulous! What a find! I love ebay.Your little doll quilt is adorable!