Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Relief

Photo Credit/API

We've all seen the horrifying images of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, and you are probably wondering how you can help. I've done some research, and here is a link to some of the reputable charitable organizations with relief efforts in Japan. Please note that the American Red Cross is not directing efforts to Japan at this time, and you will be donating to their general fund. British Red Cross donations do go directly to tsunami relief.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is a FEMA certified agency that has deployed six dog/handler teams to Japan to aid in the search for survivors. Below is Jasmine and her search dog Cadillac, one of the teams deployed.

World Vets is a veterinary aid organization that is working with veterinarians from the US Army stationed in Japan, and local animal rescue groups, to aid homeless and injured animals. Anyone who saw pictures of Hurricane Katrina victims reunited with their pets knows how important they can be to comforting and healing in the wake of a disaster.

And, of course, prayer.


Beth said...

Thank you for posting this information, Lisa.


Merilyn said...

Good information Lisa, thankyou!!!

Mary said...

Those dogs are absolutely amazing. What a lot of people don't know is how far they will go in their searches and how depressed they can get when they don't find live people. After 9/11, the rescuers had to 'plant' survivors for the dogs to find. Dogs' emotions are amazing, just like ours (but obviously on a completely different scale). My prayers are that they find people alive and well. I don't know anyone there and I still cry when I see the images.