Sunday, December 25, 2011

The 1st Day of Christmas

If you are new to my blog since last year, you might not know that I deliver packages for UPS, and don't have a second of spare time for at least a month before Christmas. Somehow I made it through a record setting season, and I'm ready to get down to blogging again. I've missed everyone! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and are ready to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with me!

I'll be posting little tidbits each day, with maybe a longer post or two thrown in there somewhere. And I have some great things planned and in the works for 2012, so I hope you come along for the ride.

Today's post is some antique children's pull toys. There's something so charming to me about a toy that doesn't require batteries. ;) Enjoy ~


Heather said...

Happy to have you back. I had no idea that you were busy out delivering. Hope you can get back to some quilty fun.

Sheila said...

Glad to have you back!
Love the pull toys - is this your private collection? They are wonderful.

Frances Leate said...

Wonderful to see you back Lisa and I just love your antique "pull" toys. I hope you are enjoying the festive season. Take care.

YankeeQuilter said...

Nice of all people should take the day to put your feet up and rest a bit!

Mary said...

I couldn't agree more - no batteries usually equals more imagination needed. These old toys are just darling! I think the sheep is my favorite.
Welcome back to a normal (or as normal as can be) life. I hope you get today off.

Sue said...

You can have a little rest now, only 364 days to Christmas 2012.
Lovely toys- real toys.
Enjoy the rest of the holiday Lisa.

Karen said...

Oh, those pull toys are unique and wonderful.

Janet said...

How cute are they? Are they yours?
Happy New Year.

Miriam said...

I have missed your posts too. I hope you find lots of stitching time.

Those toys are wonderful. I love the elephant. Do you know how old they are?

Dawn said...

Fabulous toys!
I once toured the Steiff Museum in Germany and I wanted to stay and play ;-)
These are all beautiful examples!