Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Cousin's Walk

Have you seen the great new quilt pattern The Cousin's Walk?

It's a  pattern put out by Leonie and Deirdre, the fabulous Quilted Crow Girls.  Check out their website here.  They are also on Facebook.  I LOVE this quilt, and just got the first shipment of the BOM, which is the center medallion.  So far I have the center star done and appliqued on.

If you are from Australia, you can order it on the Girl's website.  You can chose either cotton or wool, and you also get a pattern and fabric for a cool Block Book to keep your blocks in progress in.

If you are in the U.S. you can order the BOM from Common Threads Quilting, which is where I'm getting it.  We don't get the Block Book, but the Girls are bringing the pattern to Market, so we will be able to get it here eventually.  Here are a couple of the blocks kitted by Common Threads.

I can't wait til the next shipment!  Come join the fun with me.  There is even a Facebook page just for people working on the quilt, here.  Check it out, and hope to see you over there soon.


Me and My Stitches said...

This is such a great quilt and your center block looks perfect! I'm following along on the Facebook page too.

Janet said...

What great birds! I love the fabrics!! So tempting :0) It would be a very fun project to start but I simply must finish one of my other applique projects first. I will enjoy watching yours grow :0)

Quilt Station said...

I'm enjoying seeing your progress on FB too. It's a gorgeous quilt. Have fun with it x

Every Stitch said...

I heard about this quilt last year and agree that it is a stunner - especially love the colours. You have made a beautiful start and it will be a treat to follow your progress Lisa! I wonder if the quilt will be reproduced exactly or if some of the quirkiness will be adjusted?

Miriam said...

Ohh another oh-so-tempting project!!! I have far too many on the go at the moment, so I will be watching yours from the sidelines.
Your work is beautiful! Love your centre block!

antique quilter said...

I have been thinking about making this quilt too
thanks for sharing the blocks from the BOM CTQ is going thats where I would order it from too.
so good to have you back!

Pat said...

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